GELESTIM includes N-P-K + TE fertilizer formulas in gel form. They are products formulated with high quality raw materials. Purity, solubility and stability is perfectly balanced to achieve the desired results. The variety of formulations allows us to go to the most appropriate concentration for each phenological moment in which the crop is found, which by its composition are designed for foliar use.


GELESTIM 40-07-00+TE
GELESTIM 10-40-10+TE
GELESTIM 20-20-20+TE
GELESTIM 30-10-10+TE
GELESTIM 10-10-40+TE
GELESTIM 22-06-12+TE
GELESTIM OLIVO PREMIUM 00-30-00(L-aminoacids 2%+ B 2%+ Mo 1%)

Density: 1.35 – 1.50 * (Depends on the formulation).

Ph: 2 – 4 * (Depends on the formulation)

Color: Yellow, Green, Red or Blue * (Optional)

** The formulations are adaptable to the needs of the client, being able to add elements such as; Calcium (CaO), Magnesium (MgO), Sulfur (SO3), Amino Acids or Seaweed Extracts.

Content expressed in w/v

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