CORGAL SULFO K40 is ideal for crops with high sulfur demand, which not only improves the efficiency of nitrogen fertilizers but also has a great influence on the yield and production quality. Potassium sulfate improves the production of pigments in fruits and vegetables and thus the intensity of color. The sugar, acidity and juice content increases and the aroma intensifies.

Corgal sulfo k40 increases the consistency of plant tissues, which is decisive for better quality both in post harvest and during transport and agro-industrial processes.

Product suitable for use in Organic Agriculture in accordance with regulation (EU) nº 2018/848 and 2021/1165 and regulations NOP (National Organic Program). Control ECOCERT F-32600.


Product Potassium (K2O) Others componets
CORGAL SULFO K-40 40,0 % w/v Sufur (SO3) 36,8% w/v
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