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Project Description

Regulators of growth and Biostimulants.

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CYTOGAL is a natural concentrate of algae with high cytokinetic activity that provides plants with all the components of algae as a nutrients, growth regulators, aminoacids and oligosaccharides that improve growth making it more resistant to infections and environmental stress (such as drought and frost).

Declared net content

Ascophyllum nodosum Extract 20,0 % w/w
Total Organic Matter 13,0 % w/w
Potassium Oxide (K2O) Soluble in water 1,8 % w/w
Mannitol 0,8 % w/w
Alginic acid 2,1 % w/w
Cytokinetic Activity Equivalent 250 ppm

 Contains “phyto-hormones” of natural origin “Ascophyllum sp”

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