The industrial activity of FITOGAL is distributed throughout the national territory since 1990, starting our activity outside our borders in 2005.

Currently, FITOGAL products are already commercialized in four of the five continents. production and storage, is located in the Valencian Community, with a modern production plant and a logistics center for the distribution of finished products, also having several other storage points scattered throughout the Spanish geography.

FITOGAL SL, has a fleet of own vehicles, of different tonnages that ensure that our products arrive with the greatest speed to our clients.

Our company has been subject during the last years of constant improvements, both manufacturing and quality standards, obtaining among others the ISO implementation 9001: 2000, or the implementation of QR codes in all our products, which places us among the most s competitive in Spain.

The productive capacity of FITOGAL exceeds 600 tons of finished products, both liquid and solid, which are manufactured with the best industrial technology and the best raw materials.

Since 2005 investments have been made to improve competitiveness, the safety of facilities, especially in applying the most advanced technologies in terms of environment.We have a large industrial and logistics capacity to develop different product ranges of vegetable nutrition, to meet the demands of today’s agriculture.In addition, Fitogal SL, markets and distributes a wide range of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, which complete the range of solutions for the demands of their crops